Upgrade Instructions for Bioshock 2 Power to the People Weapons: Here you will find all upgrade

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All 14 locations of the Bioshock 2-weapon upgrade stations were revealed

(Credit: 2K Games)

The shoe is very different on the other foot, as they are a great father, which is armed with a huge drill and a whole lot of other ammunition. However, to get the most of all available weapons and unlock the trophy or achievement All Weapon Upgrades , you must visit each individual Bioshock 2 Power to the People Weapon Upgrade Station. Overall, there are 14 of them, and although some of them are not visible, there are others who are hidden and have to be awakened. If you want to expand your arsenal to include the electric shotgun, the ball-reflecting drilling machine or the cluster fire grenade launcher to name only a few, follow our guide to all sites of the upgrade stations of Bioshock 2 Power to the People and you will The best equipped Big Daddy of the city.

Bioshock 2 tips Bioshock 2 audio diary locations

Bioshock 2 weapons Upgrade Station 1: Ryan Amusements

This first station is not to be overlooked when you try to get a parking ticket for Ryan Amusements. You will see it right away when you pass a fenced safety suitcase with machine guns.

Bioshock 2 Weapons Upgrade Station 2: Ryan Amusements

The second station in Journey to the Surface, right behind the animatronic diorama of the parents and the child, the television.

Bioshock 2 weapons upgrade station 3: Pauper s Drop

In the Hamilton, in the city center with the crashed wagon. The weapon manufacturing station is located directly in front of the stairs, which leads to the office of R. Flanagan.

Bioshock 2 weapons Upgrade Station 4: Pauper s Drop

The office of the Limbo room near Graces changing room.

Bioshock 2 Weapons Upgrade Station 5: Pauper s Drop

The first landing (second floor) of the Sinclair Deluxe. You will discover this weapon manufacturing station through a hole in the wall while moving through the apartments. To get there, go along the tower with the tower.

Bioshock 2 weapons upgrade station 6: Siren Alley

In a closed room on the ground floor of the Mermaid Lounge. To access, go upwards, shoot a hack dart through the bar window to unlock the door, and drop through the hole in the ground.

Bioshock 2 weapons upgrade station 7: Siren Alley

On the last hallway in front of the church of Father Wales is a door to the left, which leads to the office of Sofia Lamb. There is the weapon upgrade station and an audio diary.

Bioshock 2 weapons upgrade station 8: Dionysus Park

They pass this closed room at the beginning of the level. If you have found a few rooms later the little boy s audio diary, you must enter code 1080.

Bioshock 2 Weapons Upgrade Station 9: Dionysus Park

On the way to the train station to meet Stanley Poole, go through the room up. Two splicers try to open a safe. The weapon upgrade station is here.

Bioshock 2 weapons Upgrade Station 10: Fontaine Futuristics

In the security office in which you spend half of this level, try to enter. Is unlocked after the four safety relays were destroyed and Alex the big thwarted.

Bioshock 2 weapons Upgrade Station 11: Fontaine Futuristics

This weapon manufacturing station is located in the Adam Research Laboratory, where Gil Alexander resides in a huge tank. Give yourself in half of this area and search a locked surveillance office. The Power to the People unit is inside. You just have to circle the hall until you reach the broken window of the office and hack the door trim.

Bioshock 2 weapons upgrade station 12: Persephone Outer

Directly on your way to Persephone. You should notice it to your left if Sofia Lamb says you envies your ignorance .

Bioshock 2 weapons Upgrade Station 13: Inner Persephone

In the sealed safety tower with Sinclair.

Bioshock 2 weapons upgrade station 14: Inner Persephone

The quarantine area of ​​the infirmary, behind a locked metal door. To open it, look for a switch in a column. However, make sure that you can remove two alphas from your nearby, upholstered cells by pressing the switch. Congratulations, you found all weapons upgrade stations from Bioshock 2 Power to the People!

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